Bõa Cát

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Trạng thái:
Hoàn Tất(32/32)

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Ngôn ngữ :
Lồng Tiếng HD

Độ dài :
43 phút/tập

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With almost the same cast and crew as War And Beauty, And the extensive location filming in Yinchuan, The Dance Of Passion is going to be another great legend in TV history! Across the Loess Plateau… Is a story of family feuds and furtive passions! On the Loess Plateau of Shanbei live two clans, the YIMs and the SUNGs. The SUNGs have been relying on the YIMs and a lasting peace has been going on for three generations. But this situation cannot continue when YIM MAN-HEI (LAM, BOWIE) becomes the Superintendent. His rise to power has drawn the clans into serious conflict. SUNG TUNG-SING (CHAN HO, MOSES) who falls in love with a widow has suffered the cruelest punishment, the Penalty of Torching, for his affair, as ordered by HEI. SING’s lover is burnt to death while SING is expelled from YIM’s clan...

Tags: Bõa Cát, The Dance of Passion

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